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Martes, Hunyo 28, 2011

My Reflection about Entrepreneur

Our first lesson in TLE is about an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur is a person who possesses idea for a business venture & who manages and accepts financial risk. Successful entrepreneurs are people who accomplish things. They have what psychologist call the "need to achieve". Achievers rate high opportunity-seeking, commitment to the work contract, persistence, risk-taking, and demand for quality and efficiency. These are under Achievement Cluster. An entrepreneur does not plunge into a business on the basis of inspiration. Going into business is the result of deliberate goal-setting, tireless information-seeking, and systemic planning and monitoring by the entrepreneur. The personal motto of a successful entrepreneur is "I can". He is decisive and believes in his power. The Power Cluster consists the persuasion, networking, and self-confidence. I have learned all of these by listening attentively if the teacher is discussing the lesson.       

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